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OBIEE 12c: Admin Tool Crashes Or Throws Runtime Error On Close RPD After A Query Related Objects Action:


This issue is encountered with the OBIEE Admin Tool; either from a Client Tools installation
or from a Server installation.

Open a RPD in the Admin Tool > Do “Query Related Objects” > Close the RPD, and see the Admin
Tool throws the following error, and/or will crash / hang:-

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!
Program: <CLIENT_TOOLS_HOME>\bi\bifoundation\server\bin\admintool.exe

– pure virtual function call

For example:-

1. Launch the Administration Tool

2. File > Open > Offline … Select any RPD and provide the repository password to open

3. Expand any subject area and table in the Presentation Layer > Right-click on any column, go to
“Query Related Objects”, and select “Physical Column” (for example) > Select any column and click
“Go to”

4. Close the RPD


If any changes are made to the RPD during the session and a Save is done (prior to the Close event),
then the changes are saved successfully.


Step 1: In MOS > Go to the “Patches and Updates” tab > In the “Patch Search” section, Search tab,
enter Patch Name or Number = 29213572 > Click on “Search” Click on the patch ( Release =, Platform = MS Windows x64 ), and download it

Step 2: Navigate to the admintool.exe file in your BI Client Tools installation … for example: <CLIENT_TOOLS_HOME>\bi\bifoundation\server\bin\admintool.exe Rename the admintool.exe file.  For example, from admintool.exe to admintool.orig.exe

Step 3: Unzip the Patch 29213572 Navigate to the admintool.exe file … for example: …\29213572\files\\\bi.symbol\bifoundation\server\bin\admintool.exe

Step 4: Copy the admintool.exe file from the Patch to the BI Client Tools installation For example: From: …\29213572\files\\\bi.symbol\bifoundation\server\bin To: <CLIENT_TOOLS_HOME>\bi\bifoundation\server\bin

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