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RPA adoption & implementation can significantly benefit businesses in terms of higher efficiency, cost savings, and intelligent business processes. It helps automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, allowing more time for value-added domain-specific work. Robotic process automation (RPA) services are enabling companies to enhance productivity and boost ROI.

Here is how you can help your company unleash its full potential


Remove non-value-add activities and relieve employees from the rising work pressure

Perform massive number of operations in parallel at minimal costs

Adhere to compliances and ensure consistent output with no mistakes

Save time for front office employees allowing them to give more time to customers

Automate manual and sluggish processes, enabling employees to do more customer centric activities

Work faster with 0% error rate and achieve ROI within months

Value Global Expertise

Value Global together with our alliance partners has developed an impressive array of expertise in RPA and process automation. We specialize in UiPath. Our certified developers and BOT implementors can transition and eliminate the requirement for mundane and manually laborious tasks.

Some of the tasks that you can automate using our Cloud and on -premise bots are:

  • Invoice and document scanning and entry
  • Purchase Order automation
  • Entry of data
  • Test Suite automation for products

Services Offered

Helpdesk/Customer Support Integration

Drive a better customer experience, by sending customized, automated responses. Become more responsive as Value Global digital assistants work 24/7 to better service the customer.

Financial Report Aggregation

Value Global automates the gathering and aggregation of data in a fraction of the time, leaving your team free to use their bandwidth and brain power to leverage that information for insights.

Invoices/Payments /Order Processing

Value Global Re-designs your entire Invoices, payments and order processing that even includes automatic status notifications as well as full integration of the information with your internal systems.

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