Optimizing Oracle EBS Value with Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) Analytics

As an executive responsible for managing your company’s Oracle EBS system and business processes, maximizing the value of your Oracle EBS investment is critical. Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) delivers powerful analytics and visibility that can transform your use of Oracle EBS modules. And the best part is ECC comes at no additional license cost since it is included with your core EBS applications.

Let’s examine how ECC can optimize your EBS platform:

Real-Time Visibility for Agile Decisions – ECC provides real-time KPI dashboards across EBS modules like Financials, SCM, HR and more. Executives gain instant visibility to spot problems or opportunities and act decisively.

Advanced Analytics for Data-Driven Improvement – Sophisticated ECC analytics and visualizations deliver deeper insights from EBS data. Uncover trends, performance drivers and areas to improve. Make data-driven decisions to boost efficiency.

Aligned Operations and Collaboration – Centralized ECC data and tools improve collaboration, execution and alignment across EBS modules. Strengthen project management, workflows and participation.

Proactive Risk Management – ECC leverages predictive models to identify risks before disrupting operations. Minimize issues and disruptions through data-driven risk management.

Simplified Experience for Enhanced Adoption – Customizable ECC dashboards and self-service access improves user adoption and productivity. Users can quickly access insights to drive performance.

Scalable and Flexible for Growth – ECC analytics easily scale to handle growing data volumes and business complexity. Easily add data sources, users, customizations as you expand.

Here are some example ECC reports and dashboards for key EBS modules like Projects, Inventory, and Payables. Similar analytics are available across many other EBS modules:

EBS Module Report / Dashboard Description Business Value


Oracle Projects

Project Costs & Revenue Interactive dashboard for real-time project financials Better decision making with real-time visibility into project performance
Budget vs. Actuals Visualize budget variance by cost/revenue Monitor project budget compliance and manage costs
Resource Utilization View resource allocation across projects Improve resource planning and utilization

Oracle Inventory

Aged Inventory Visibility into excess/obsolete inventory Reduce carrying costs by optimizing inventory levels
Replenishment Data-driven inventory replenishment recommendations Improve service levels and reduce stockouts
Inventory Transactions Track inventory transactions by type/location Enhanced visibility for auditing and control
Oracle Payables Invoice Status Track invoice status throughout processing lifecycle Identify and resolve bottlenecks to accelerate AP process
Spend Analysis Spending summary by supplier and category Identify savings opportunities for spend consolidation
Discount Utilization Analyze discounts taken vs missed Improve discount capture through process improvements


ECC provides game-changing visibility and analytics to optimize Oracle EBS across the enterprise. There are 33 command centers across all of Oracle’s modules.  Let’s connect to discuss how ECC can maximize the value of your EBS investment by enabling data-driven decisions and operational improvements.

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