Oil & Gas Solutions


Technology Enablement

  • Infrastructure setup, laptops & cloud management - emailing, partner management
  • Implementation of Upstream systems
  • Integrating with internal and external systems

Production Allocation

  • Manual allocation
  • Products – Energysys, P2 EU, Merrick ProCount, Tietonator (Quorum)
  • Cloud setup and migration of systems

Oil & Gas Solutions

  • Setting up a basic infrastructure to conduct business, pay royalty owners, file regulatory reports.
  • Handling Production, Revenue and Cost Allocations.
  • Regulatory reporting to various agencies.
  • Recording Prior Period Adjustments.
  • Doing complex oil, gas, water and NGL allocations across wells and pipelines.
  • Helping disburse accurate royalty payments to various stake holders.
  • Handle Oil and Gas processes such as SCADA, IoT, Run Tickets as well as ensuring that meter readings are flowing through for accurate allocations.
  • Implementation of Master Data Management systems for storing well data, owner information and other master data.
  • Integrating a wide variety of systems using diverse SCADA, IoT and integration technologies
  • Our engineers have experience with diverse systems such as Tietoenator (Quorum) P2 Merrick, P2 Land
  • Land records, leases, contracts and division order conversions and integrations
  • Automating lease, contract and division order creation using AI/ML technologies as well as Automation tools such as UiPath
  • Assisting companies in conducting data analytics on their pressure, volume and other field data
  • Project Management, Program Management and resource augmentation assistance
  • Document management by automating load of invoices, leases, contracts and other documents
  • Enterprise Resource Planning implementation
  • Cloud migration and maintenance for customers

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