Mar 2024

Leveraging GenAI for Test Data Generation

Software must be tested to ensure reliability, functionality, and quality. Complex software requires stronger testing methods. Creating different, real-world test data is difficult when testing software. This is complicated by conventional approaches; consequently, testing is not always exhaustive and defects may exist. In contrast, Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) has introduced a novel approach to generating test data that has the potential to revolutionize the field....

Mar 2024

Processing multi-page documents using RPA and Amazon Textract

By organizing, analyzing, and extracting usable data from many documents, document processing keeps businesses going. To make wise decisions and manage their operations well, firms must properly handle bills, contracts, reports, and handwritten notes. This activity is difficult in the digital age due to too many documents, forms, inefficiencies, human errors, and scalability concerns. This blog discusses document handling issues and how Amazon Texatract will help....

Mar 2024

Streamlining Oracle Business Applications with Intelligent Process(IPA)

Companies are continuously seeking methods to improve procedures and flourish in the fast-paced digital age. In this article, we discuss how intelligent process automation (IPA) may enhance Oracle E-Business or Fusion applications....

Jan 2024

Oracle E-business Suite: Unlocking the Potential with User Defined Attributes

In today's dynamic business landscape, adaptability and customization are paramount. This applies to enterprise Oracle e-business suite implementations. This blog will explore user-defined attributes (UDA) and its benefits and real-world applications in financials, procurement, and projects, as well as the possibilities of connecting functions to the attributes to boost efficiency and agility. User-defined attributes can help EBS customers optimize their business operations....

Jan 2024

Oracle E-Business cloud migration: The Lift & Shift Roadmap

This blog is for Oracle e-Business Suite customers who are thinking about moving their data to the cloud. After outlining a strategy, this article delves into the pros and cons of moving Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) to the cloud with the Lift & Shift methodology....

Jan 2024

Benefits of Migrating Oracle Apex to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Scalability, security, and cost savings are highlighted in the blog's Oracle APEX to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) migration. The low-code platform's use for efficient application development is explained in this guide for APEX beginners. The blog also includes a case study of Value Global helping a client migrate their APEX platform from hosted to OCI, with practical tips and techniques for a smooth transfer....

Dec 2023

Leveraging Generative AI to Transform Software Testing

Are you a tech leader trying to improve software quality and release faster? Does testing seem like a bottleneck? This blog article discusses how cutting-edge generative AI can help. AI that generates test data, scenarios, and surroundings would greatly enhance coverage, speed, and defect detection....

Dec 2023

Leveraging Generative AI & RPA to Enhance Intelligent Document Processing – IDP

Business operations depend on document processing, which manages, analyzes, and extracts important information from numerous documents. For accurate decision-making and operational performance, firms must properly handle invoices, contracts, reports and handwritten notes. In the digital age, document overload, varied formats, inefficiencies, human errors, and scalability concerns make this activity difficult....

Oct 2023

Powering RPA with Generative AI

Generative AI, a robust dimension of artificial intelligence, has the capability to produce new data based on existing patterns. In the field of machine learning, this ground-breaking technology that Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues introduced in 2014 has become a trailblazer. Parallelly, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been revolutionizing how businesses operate. The fusion of these two technologies presents a promising leap forward in business automation....

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